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This is the sewer for toxic food, They grow around the world vegetables, organic, animal feed, vegetables!
Thanks US Gov EPA for helping health industry make more treatment money and their prosperity!

Here are the 60 of 350 worst agri-chemicals used in the USA, But its the same around the world.
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The EPA’s motto, Protecting Human Health & the Environment, has no force of law.

From: "Borges-Silva, Quentin"
Date: January 25, 2018 at 4:46:29 PM EST
To: Don Wilshe , Donald Wilshe
Subject: RE: Thanks for a great response.
Thank you for your follow-up comments.
As I am sure you understand, the EPA’s motto, Protecting Human Health & the Environment,
has no force of law, and it is not a general warrant to do whatever we want in pursuit
of that goal. As I mentioned previously, EPA has very specifically enumerated duties
under various federal laws, so it is helpful if we can focus your request on a specific
issue (such as pesticide registration) rather than the general concept of environmental

The EPA does not host general presentations on scientific issues, and we also do not
have a mandate to eliminate pesticides; quite the opposite, in fact. Under FIFRA, the Office
of Pesticide Programs acts as the gateway to the marketplace for pesticide products that pass
our safety reviews. Pesticides that do not pass our reviews are not granted registrations.
Once a registration is granted, the registration remains active as long as maintenance fees
are paid and the products successfully pass our periodic registration reviews.

With that in mind, the report you attached entitled Evaluation of Soysoap Formula S-101
and S-102 For Activity Against Gram-Positive Plant Pathogenic Bacteria appears to be a
sort of antimicrobial efficacy test for two products. It is unclear if the tests were
conducted consistent with EPA guidelines for antimicrobial efficacy testing, but in any case,
if you wish to apply for registrations for these products, you would need to read and follow
the instructions in the Pesticide Registration Manual that Ms. Finn provided to you earlier.
As a regulatory agency, the EPA does not involve itself in research and development efforts,
but if you submit completed applications as described in the Manual, we will process them
I hope you find this information useful. VR Quentin Borges-Silva EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs

“Protecting Human Health & the Environment”

The EPA is a marketing organization for Agrichem and protects FIFRA
listed product and could care about safe alternatives to toxic chemicals that destroy people lives.

US GOV USGS SOIL MAP OF 353 Pesticides over last 15 years